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Google Tag Manager Service For Small Business

Think of a Google Tag Manager Service For Small Business (GTM) as a “dashboard” that’s made for marketers so they can accomplish just about anything related to tracking their marketing results where you can literally see every single click that happens on your site.   So, what exactly is a tag? In simple terms, a tag is a piece of code that performs a task on your website that gathers analytics data, serves advertising, or creates cookies for site visitors. Sometimes you’ll find them being called web beacons or tracking pixels.    As such our Google Tag Manager service for small business is used to integrate third-party software into websites without going through the often-difficult and time-consuming process of editing the code yourself. A typical website often contains anywhere from 50-100 simple and complex tags.    Homepages and shopping cart pages frequently contain as many as 20 tags each.   We’ve created a clear process on how we deploy GTM to your Google analytics set up.

As we’re Google Analytics, Adwords, Mobile, & Shopping certified we’re ready to implement our Google Tag Manager Service for small business to your existing marketing and work with you in turning data into actionable insights.   By using a tag management system you can take the hassle out of inputting the complex code that make up the tags by putting all the tags into one container. The ability to quickly take tags in and out of this container gives marketing teams several advantages:

1. Improves site performance

Having all tags in one container allows for much faster load times on webpages, improving usability. A tag management system can make decisions about when to fire certain tags, for example, only when certain pages are visited for the first time. Fewer tags attempting to fire at once reduces load times and the chance of errors.

2. Reduced costs

Tag placing requires access to site code, which means inserting the large amount of tags found in your website in a way that means they all work without interfering with each other. Removing this lengthy process frees up your IT staff to work on more useful projects.

3. Faster marketing

Tag management systems make it much easier for marketers to launch campaigns based on the information tags provide. Also with the large time commitment required from IT staff reduced, there is much less lag time between planning and implementation for marketing departments.

4. Improved vendor selection

The ability to swap tags in and out through the tag management system means there is no lengthy implementation time usually associated with coding in a new third-party tag. This allows marketing teams to quickly drop tags that are not optimal and replace them with ones that are in a short space of time, without having to rewrite the site source code every time.

5. Easier data gathering & collation

The secondary function of the tag manager is to collate information from various different systems that do not otherwise communicate. This allows it to gather information and store it in one place, removing the time intensive process of reporting and de-duping the results from several independent systems.

The customer journey on the site can be seen through the Tag Manager and the variables can be defined. All of those can be set up in custom dimensions and that information will be sent over from the site via something called the data-layer.   A lot of data can be captured through this.  Once you have all of that information, these can be analyzed and supplement the standard Google Analytics information.  Reach us to explore how our Google Tag Manager service for small business can benefit your website!

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