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To understand the value your SEO results are bringing to your business beyond improvements in traffic consider assigning a dollar value to your organic traffic results.  A Google Analytics & SEO organic traffic valuation is achieved by assigning a total dollar value to your sites organic traffic and comparing how much the keywords in your queries report would cost you if purchased in a Google AdWords campaign.  This prudent tactic leveraging Google Analytics & SEO organic traffic valuation can be used to measure SEO performance over time.

  • To find your sites keyword search phrases and queries, navigate to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries.
  • With this report pulled up, open your AdWords account in a new tab and click Tools > Keyword Planner.
  • Choose “Get search volume data and trends”, enter the top keywords from your Google Analytics Queries report, and click “Get search volume.”
  • On the next screen click “Keyword Ideas.” Each keyword you’ve entered will have a Suggested Bid amount which is an estimate of what advertisers are currently paying per click for each keyword listed.
  • In a spreadsheet list all known keywords driving traffic to the website, the amount of click-throughs from each keyword, and the estimated cost-per-click.

The final column in the spreadsheet is the sum of the estimated cost per click multiplied by the amount of clicks, resulting in the total organic traffic value per keyword.  Google Analytics & SEO organic traffic valuation shows you how much your SEO performance would cost you – if you otherwise had to pay for it.